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Braderie – HC Lézôtre


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Shoe Bazar


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KOLLEG Lacebag


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Lumi photo & shadow printing kit

Photo printing Kit

Print your own images on fabric using the power of sunlight. The complete introduction to printing with Inkodye. Makes four 12×12 inch prints. Includes the following:


Shadows printing kit

Shadow prints are a simple way to witness the magic of Inkodye and create unique designs on any natural fabric.

This technique has many names and was popularized by Anna Atkins’ cyanotype photograms, Man Ray’s “rayographs” and the creations of many other artists including Pablo Picasso. Now you can easily recreate the same effect with Inkodye.


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Pincity Wall map diary

Pin City are wall maps printed on flexible felt panel. You can use them as maps and mark your favorite places, or as a bulletin board for photos, tickets, notes or souvenirs. The attractive package includes a set of 15 special pins to use with the map. The colors and the felt combine to make these wall maps a contemporary work of art that you can enhance at will.

11_05_12_pincity_3 PinCity_WallMap_shop_allin 11_05_12_pincity_1

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Jacques et Julien evening

Come next Thursday and have a beer and talk with the real “haute printure” freaks… Jacques & Julien

4.6, 19-21h @Alabama



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Everyone has their own idea of the perfect timeout. For some, it’s adventure off the beaten path, as far away as possible from all-in package tours. Others need a minimum of comfort if they are to recharge their batteries. There’s no way you can possibly combine the two: apart from the luggage, of course. With the F512 VOYAGER, FREITAG has created a totally individual, all-inclusive travel companion. It’s an easy-to-carry, rugged cabin-size rucksack made of recycled truck tarps. And the cool thing is that it’s unique. So, you’ll immediately recognize it as your own on all the luggage racks and baggage conveyors in the world.

  • Rucksack with adjustable, padded shoulder straps
  • two grips for handy short-distance transport, either vertically or horizontally
  • zipped inner compartment and concealed quickaccess outer compartments
  • cut from individual used and recycled truck tarps
  • water-resistant, zippable closure with retaining straps to hold contents in place

Technical Information
Dimensions: Carry-on luggage size
500 × 330 × 200 mm (l × w × h)
19.7 × 13 × 7.8 inch
Volume: 33 liters
Design: Freitag Bros., 2015

F512-Voyager_Rainbow_ONanzig_Gallery F512_Voyager_Train_FLeone_RGB_Gallery F512-Voyager_Open_ONanzig_Gallery F512_Voyager_Fax_FLeone_RGB_Gallery F512-Voyager_Blue_ONanzig_Gallery F512_Voyager_Orange-Close_FLeone_RGB_Gallery F512-Voyager_Front-Back_ONanzig_Gallery


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Selection of the week – Ladies

An spring/summer selection of clothes that you will find in our shop. A mix of the following brands:

BECKSÖNDERGAARD, with their love for colours and Scandinavian simplicity Becksöndergaard creates stylish accessories with a playful twist.
BRIC A BRAC, is the well-defined silhouette, with the careful detail. Timeless, in the sense of being inspired from both now and then, creating a design that can be looked upon again and again.
NEW BALANCE, Our products are the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving you the performance technology you need and the style you want.
NO NAME, It is not because you have no name that no one remembers you, it is for what you represent that people remember. Year 1992: the word on the street was all about the original 5 cm platform sneaker, designed and created by Maison Rautureau – to give another level to your everyday look. Now, the platform is bigger than ever and No Name is back on the streets with a new line. “COPIES HAVE A LOT OF NAMES ORIGINAL IS NO NAME” Revisit the 90’s, No Name is your passport. Pump up the jam !
KOI (King Of Indigo), is known for strong quality basics inspired by American classics with a Japanese eye for detail; classics you can wear season after season. Jeans have a tendency to get better with time; the fit taking on the shape of your body and the wash showing a bit of your personal history when properly worn in. The Kings want you to enjoy your jeans as long as possible. Wear them with pride!
ASICS, products were introduced to the United States in 1977 and brought with them an incredible story of athletic performance and technical advancements, a philosophy which still holds true today.
FREITAG F-ABRIC, We were actually just looking for suitable workwear for our employees, but then we realized that what we were looking for didn’t even exist – a tough, sustainably produced and compostable material made in Europe. So, we decided to develop our own textiles starting from the fiber up that would fulfill our requirements 100 % – and we decided to call them F-ABRIC.
QWSTION, focuses on functional convertable bags and backpacks with a clean design, closing the gap between functional sports bags and elegant fashion bags.
Dr MARTENS, The history of subculture is a chronicle of being different. Back in the 1950s, when the first generation of teenagers fired up a youth revolution, their goal was to look and behave differently to their parents. Previously, young people had been stylistic carbon copies of their elders. But with the advent of first-generation rock ‘n’ roll and also Teddy Boys, a generational schism cracked open that would never again be rendered shut.
COYOTE, handcrafted bags in Chile

1. Sessun (dress) Drykorn (jeans), Coyote (backpack), Dr Martens (shoes),

2. Bric A Brac (shirt), Freitag Fa-Bric (dress), No Name (shoes), Qwstion (bag)

3. Bric A Brac (shirt), KOI (jeans), Becksöndergaard (purse), Asics (sneakers)

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Selection of the week – Men

An spring/summer selection of clothes that you will find in our shop. A mix of the following brands:

VANS, skateboard and surf culture.
HOMECORE, Clothes to be confortable & to be free to be yourself in life
EDWIN, is an authentic denim brand priding itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, unique technology, hand wash processes, and continual progression in design and fit.
PENFIELD, Today, Penfield garments are still designed by people who know and love the outdoors. They are designed to stand up to the demands of the New England climate, yet are equally at home sheltering you from the storm anywhere wind blows or rain falls! Penfield is available worldwide and always designed For Life in the Open.
NUDIE JEANS, We love jeans, a passion we share with everyone who mourns a pair of worn out jeans as a close friend. Jeans share the same soul and attitude as music. The inspiration springs from the same dreams. Besides denim, only leather has the ability to age so beautifully formed by its user into a second skin. Your jeans live your lifestyle. The longer you wear them, the more character and attitude they get.
ONITSUKA TIGER,  is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan, tracing its history back to the formation of Onitsuka Co Ltd in 1949 when the 32 year old former military officer, Kihachiro Onitsuka started his company with the hopes of raising postwar youth self-esteem through athletics.

1. Penfield (jacket), Edwin (shirt), Nudie (jeans), Onitsuka Tiger (sneakers)

2. Homecore (sweater & pants), Vans (shoes), Penfield (backpack)

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