Berkel Pro Line XS25

Pro Line XS25 is the new range of professional gravity slicers from Berkel. This range of products joins compact dimensions and elegant design, remarkable in all our slicers.

They are made of soft lines, no edges, high performance materials and all the finishes in the characteristic Berkel red. Intended mainly for the HO.RE.CA channel, Pro Line XS meets the needs of the price-conscious user looking for excellent slicing performance in compliance with the strictest safety standards and ease of cleaning unique in this category.


  • 38° thickness plate for easy product passage and edge sliding
  • Thickness plate with 15° oblique opening to facilitate product exit during cutting
  • Continuous profile blade cover for uniform cutting thickness
  • Very thin residual product to minimize waste
  • Large heel pushers to secure the product on the table
  • Fully IP67 rated control panel and food grade silicone seals on all exposed parts
  • Thickness plate handle with 14 millimetre adjustment positions for precise regulation
  • Steel baffle with easy magnetic coupling
  • Removable sharpener included