Clover Lantern

Designed by Ionna Vautrin.

“My work if often based on the reinterpretation of objects, architecture or culture”

She draws everyday objects whose ambition is to be simple and obvious but surprising. These projects offer a gentle and generous presence, organic and geometric shapes, a cheerful and colorful spirit, an intuitive and functional usage.

The Clover lanterne is a small rechargeable nomad lantern, with rain resistance. I can be hanged with its rubber string. Pilot light or lantern, this extra light offers two light intensities. It can hang from tree branches to create a rural atmosphere or create a garland, when put together. In a child’s room, it have a reassuring presence … For an installation, it morphs into a swarm of fireflies to form an amazing chandelier!

2 light intensities.
The Clover lantern glow for 4 hours on highest light power.

Power supply : on USB port (cable included)
Material: ABS / PP