Ladies selection 06/16

A Spring/Summer selection of clothe that you will find in our shop. A mix of the following brands:

FREITAG F-ABRIC, we were actually just looking for suitable workwear for our employees, but then we realized that what we were looking for didn’t even exist – a tough, sustainably produced and compostable material made in Europe. So, we decided to develop our own textiles starting from the fiber up that would fulfill our requirements 100 % – and we decided to call them F-ABRIC.

MAISON SCOTCH, our products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. The designers at Scotch & Soda spare no expense in ensuring the high quality detailing and finishing of each and every garment produced. We invest in the product, which is typically inspired by the best tried and tested classic and vintage styles, enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world.

ADIDAS ORIGINALS is a line of casual sports clothing, the heritage line of Adidas. Discover the Original apparel and shoes for men and women.

NUD COLLECTION is a Swedish lighting brand specialized in design and manufacturing high quality textile cords. The textile cord collection consists of 50 shades that allow the customer to be creative with a wide spectrum of colors.

Shirt: Freitag F-abric

Pants: Maison Scotsch, Lamp: NUD Collection

Shoes: Adidas Originals