Meet the artist

The man behind Alabama’s “wes21 newsletter campaign”

This very young artist (*1989) from Biel has an ability to astonish the viewer with his motifs and a wide variety of tecniques. His high-quality and impressive works have reached international recognition.

Remo Lienhard intends to make a strong impression and is willing to go to any length to do so. The combined strokes of the 10-years experienced illustrator and art painter would last to paint a stairway to the moon and back. Photorealistic depictions of often illusory creatures and landscapes captivate the viewer with an accuracy of perspectives, astonishing shaping and harmonious composition. He is focused on the visual development and the conceptual / intellectual elaboration of a fictional pictorial world, which he translates into paintings with a tricky realistic feeling. Every picture is a window in another reality and contains a story on a simpler level that rekindles and inspires the imagination.

Remo Lienhard grew up in Biel, Switzerland, experimenting in painting at a very young age and soon gaining a strong reputation in the scene. In 2010 he completed training at the College of Art & Design in Biel and has since then applied himself to producing art, painting murals and working as a freelance illustrator. He likes to challange himself with ambitious and unconventional tasks.

see his work :