Men selection 03/16

A Spring/Summer selection of clothe that you will find in our shop. A mix of the following brands:

FREITAG F-ABRIC The materials are made of the bast fibers hemp and flax as well as Modal, all of which are resources that are grown on European soil and do not harm it or require excessive amounts of water to grow. Compared to the production processes of more common textiles, the journey from fiber to finished product is just a short trip for F-ABRIC since all of the production stages take place within a 2500-kilometer radius of our factory in Zurich.

SUIT Tailores finesse meets technical craftsmanship. Suit is a true example of when two apparel industries come together, great things happen. Resting in our ambition to create tailored yet flexible items, details inspired by the sportswear and outdoor industries are incorporated alongside details from the classic tailoring industry.

ELEMENT is an active, open-minded, lifestyle brand with skateboarding at its roots.

VANS, skatoboard and surf culture

Jacket: Element,  Shirt: Suit

Pants: Freitag F-abrick, Skate: Long Island

Shoes: Vans