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Outdoor – inspiration

Creative String® combinations for your outdoor space. Everything in galvanized metal. Not only do the galvanized products add a modern and industrial feel, but they also give your outdoor combination strength and power to withstand any weather. Needless to say, our outdoor assortment works equally well indoors.

Workspace – inspiration

In order to be creative and do a great job, you need an optimal workspace. We have been thinking long and hard in order to come up with the most functional yet timeless workspace combinations. Regardless if you are working from an office or if your workspace is in your home, we got your back.

Kids room – inspiration

Kids rooms are tough to plan. You need the perfect balance between flexibility and creativity. The optimal space for your child to play, but also lots of storage in order to hide some of that creativity. And why not add something for yourself, like timeless Scandinavian design?

Bathroom – inspiration

The function and flexibility are both key. But for us the design is equally important. It needs to feel timeless but at the same time modern, so it will last for a very long time. With our flexible shelving system we have created optimal solutions for both the small, medium and large bathroom.

Kitchen – inspiration

Longing for an organized kitchen? With our creative and functional kitchen combinations it will be almost impossible to end up with a messy kitchen. We even got inspiration for the smallest kitchenette.

Living room – inspiration

Tons of sideboard and bookshelf combinations. With a variety of materials, colours, sizes and accessories we have the possibility to build thousands of combinations. We haven’t found all of them quite yet, but here are a few of them for you to enjoy.

Hallway – inspiration

Creative solutions for your hallway. With functional design in focus you will be able to find the most optimal shelf for your hallway. Since you have the option of adding rods, plenty of coat-hangers and hooks – a smaller hallway combination will go a long way. And did you know with only one shoe shelf you will be able to get rid of five pairs of shoes? Then, imagine adding a second… or a third!