Ladies selection 03/16

A Spring/Summer selection of clothe that you will find in our shop. A mix of the following brands:

SESSUN, it’s a brand which, although rooted in its own time, is still subtle enough to lean towards timelessness.

DRYKORN, Metropolitan, reachable and progressive are the most defining attributes of the label. DRYKORN attracts self-confident and independent individualists. A certain sense of style is therefore a premise. The collections of the label are always picking up the latest fashion but without losing the brands personality and individuality.

HAPPYSWEEDS Each umbrella design has its own story inspired by everything that gives you a “feel good” factor to make sure your rainy and gloomy days turn into shining bright! The umbrella should not only have a good functionality, but it should also reflect and be a part of your personality.

Overall: Drykorn

Umbrella: Happysweeds

Shoes: Sessun