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Zig Zag Zürich

BRAND VALUES ZigZagZurich is part of the art and design community. Through ZigZagZurich consumers can discover artists work on a new medium, textiles. We work with established and new artists from a broad spectrum covering fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde and more. By adopting this approach, we ensure there is a wide range of creative…

ENGA 3D Print

ENGA® develops and provides solutions for a new manufacturing era with a responsible use of resources and materials. Therefore, we collaborate with our partners and are committed to closing the loop, towards circular and regenerative economy. SMART MATERIALS 3D - SMARTFIL® Smart Materials 3D, our partner located in Alcalá la Real, Spain, specializes in the production…

HAY Colour crate NEW system

LID A useful lid that fits on top of HAY’s medium and large Colour Crates, the Colour Crate Lids enable multiple crates to be stacked on top of each other while concealing the contents. Made in powder coated steel in colours that match the crates, the lids can be used to optimise storage in the…

String Furniture “Pocket”

The little one. A beginning of something great. Designed by Nisse Strinning in 2005, String® Pocket became his last contribution to the Scandinavian design portfolio. In contrast to the String® shelving system, String® Pocket comes as a complete package. One Pocket shelf consists of two wall-hung panels and three shelves in a variety of colour…

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The Result Armchair shares the same thin steel-sheet base, oak seat and backrest as the original Result Chair, but is supplemented by elevated armests that bring additional comfort and functionality to the design. Originally created by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld while working at Ahrend in the 1950s, the cutout steel collection has been relaunched…

Mahlkönig X54

be your own barista X54 Allround Home Grinder _ The everyday coffee enjoyment really matters. Freshly roasted specialty varieties prepared by a skilled barista with professional premium equipment can turn a small coffee break into a meaningful moment of joy. We have developed the X54 allround home grinder so that you can experience these coffee moments…

Berkel Pro Line XS25

Pro Line XS25 is the new range of professional gravity slicers from Berkel. This range of products joins compact dimensions and elegant design, remarkable in all our slicers. They are made of soft lines, no edges, high performance materials and all the finishes in the characteristic Berkel red. Intended mainly for the HO.RE.CA channel, Pro…


Our goal is to work as much as possible and give priority to brands that care about environment and that have eco-friendly production chains and materials. For example all of our cosmetics are made from natural products and most of our clothe are made with fabrics that come either organic or recycled materials that also use less water at production 



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