SINCE 1974


Fashion apparel, Sneakers & Accessories

Interior design, Furniture & Accessories

Falcon Enamelware since 1920

As well as timeless elegance, Falcon Enamelware has enduring strength. Enamelware is porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel, giving it many admirable qualities - durability, smoothness and chemical-resistance. It can assume brilliant, long-lasting colours, and cannot burn. If you drop it, it may chip but it won’t break. Dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 530F / 270C,…


Typically Japanese: maximum order in minimum space. Purist design and durable, functional products for a simpler, more organized life.

SKNIFE, Manufactured in Biel/Bienne

Les couteaux à steak assortis sont forgés en acier chirurgical dans l'Emmental. Les couteaux à steak assortis sont une sélection de bois spécialement conçue pour les meilleurs restaurants 3 étoiles du monde: La version en frêne stabilisé teint en noir pour Grant Achatz USA, en bois frêne gris pour Franck Giovannini Crissier, en frêne clair…

Polspotten X La Marzocco

The new espresso and cappuccino cups colab (set of 4 mixed color)

Polspotten Vase

A nice selection of vase

Zig Zag Zürich

BRAND VALUES ZigZagZurich is part of the art and design community. Through ZigZagZurich consumers can discover artists work on a new medium, textiles. We work with established and new artists from a broad spectrum covering fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde and more. By adopting this approach, we ensure there is a wide range of creative…

ENGA 3D Print

ENGA® develops and provides solutions for a new manufacturing era with a responsible use of resources and materials. Therefore, we collaborate with our partners and are committed to closing the loop, towards circular and regenerative economy. SMART MATERIALS 3D - SMARTFIL® Smart Materials 3D, our partner located in Alcalá la Real, Spain, specializes in the production…

HAY Colour crate NEW system

LID A useful lid that fits on top of HAY’s medium and large Colour Crates, the Colour Crate Lids enable multiple crates to be stacked on top of each other while concealing the contents. Made in powder coated steel in colours that match the crates, the lids can be used to optimise storage in the…


Our goal is to work as much as possible and give priority to brands that care about environment and that have eco-friendly production chains and materials. For example all of our cosmetics are made from natural products and most of our clothe are made with fabrics that come either organic or recycled materials that also use less water at production 


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