String Furniture “Pocket”

The little one. A beginning of something great.
Designed by Nisse Strinning in 2005, String® Pocket became his last contribution to the Scandinavian design portfolio. In contrast to the String® shelving system, String® Pocket comes as a complete package. One Pocket shelf consists of two wall-hung panels and three shelves in a variety of colour options. We offer everything from monochrome alternatives in grey, mustard and more to combinations with shelves in walnut, ash, or oak.

String® Pocket got its name due to the convenient and handy size. With a height of 50 cm, width of 60 cm and depth of 15 cm you will be able to fit a String® Pocket anywhere. Mount it in your bedroom and use it as your bedside table, place it above a cupboard in your hallway or living room or why not mount it in the kitchen for your cookbooks and spices. We know we said one Pocket shelf is complete, but that does not stop us from playing around with it just like the shelving system. With two or three packages you can build out creative solutions where the design and colour choices are totally up to you. A minimalistic monochrome design or a colour splash with a mix of mustard, blush and white? As you can imagine, the options are endless!